Energy savings and conservation with plastic industries


The plastic industries in Philippines assist with economic and social development through the supply of potable water and the provision of sanitation. At the same time, indeed Philippines’s energy crisis has brought into focus the increasing need for energy and material efficient plastic industries.

The plastic industry faces a number of issues, e.g., environmental policies, energy consumption and the depletion of natural resources. It is necessary for plastic industries to remain competitive against more energy intensive. The energy crisis in Philippines gives increasing power costs, failure of supplies to commerce and industry and the need to provide electricity to new industrial developments and urban and rural communities.


The cost of fuel charges has risen in recent year, mainly as a result of the rapid growth in manufacturing sectors but the fact tells the story that the world has been finding less oil than it has been using for the past 25 years. The major sources of energy and electrical power in most countries are natural gas, nuclear plants, hydroelectricity, wind & solar plants and coal.
Energy will be one of the worst issues of this 21st century. It has become necessary to find alternative ways of the source of energy.

For both conservation and environmental issues, most countries are reducing energy consumption and moving away from fully automatic cost engineered materials. The primary energy as consumed in the manufacture of steel is very high considering to plastics. It is sufficient at this stage to note that energy required to manufacture steel and iron products is 300 to 500% greater than for plastic goods.


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